Please pick after your pets….

This morning myself and the Chairman spent an hour clearing dog poo (mostly in bags) from the ditch and hedgerow from the small copse at the top to the gate at the bottom of the dog walking path.

We picked up between 25 & 30 bags of it this morning in a 100m stretch! Most of this was bagged and given that there is a dog bin at either end of the path this is almost unbelievable!

Leaving them for some else to deal with is not acceptable and is a an offence and you can be prosecuted. Please throw your pets faeces in the bins provided or take it home and throw it in your own bin.

If you know who is not picking up after their pet please either report this to Environmental Health at EDDC – Online – https://eastdevon.gov.uk/…/dog-fouling/report-dog-fouling/ Telephone – 01395 517457 or
email – environmentalhealth@eastdevon.gov.uk

alternatively please email the clerk clerk@dunkeswell-pc.gov.uk
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