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New Century Park is located in the centre of the Highfield Estate.

It is an open area for ball and other games.  There are two areas of Play equipment, one for toddlers and one for older children. Toddler area contains 2 x swings, multiplay frame with slide and ropes, seesaw and a springy ride-on.  Junior area contains 2 x swings and a large multiplay frame with slide, ropes, chained walkway and climbing wall. Both these areas have seating inside the fenced area and other seating is provided in the area outside of the play equipment.

Please enjoy this equipment and the surroundings.



A Google Map has been embedded on this page and is a 3rd party provided service and may not be fully accessible. If you require further help with getting location information please contact us.

For further information or to report a problem in this Park please contact the clerk


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